She Was Removing Some Old Wallpaper When She Found This Chilling Note Underneath

Ah, Paris…the City of Light.

While much has been written about the romantic destination, all the novels, poems, and letters in the world cannot match the experience of actually being there.

But while Paris is magical to visit, it also harbors a less well-known and wholly creepy side…something that Redditor wingspantt learned all too well during her time studying abroad there.

Wingspantt writes that she spent one semester living and studying in Paris while attempting to learn French. During this time, she stayed with her aunt, whom she had never met before.


Her aunt lived in an older, quaint apartment. Toward the end of wingspantt’s time in Paris, her aunt asked her to help remove some old, ugly wallpaper in one of the rooms. Seems simple enough, but that’s where you’re wrong…


As they started to remove the wallpaper, they found these old and decidedly creepy writings in French.

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As her French was not that great, wingspantt’s aunt translated. Turns out, it was a long, rambling letter addressed to the man’s wife (or ex-wife, or maybe even a lover) and daughter. While the subject isn’t clear, a few of these translated sentences will send shivers down your spine…

“One day you will understand, my dear child, that I could have watch you grow old, and that the savage behavior of your mother prevented me to do so. And to think that I created [something] so that one day i could be home every night, but your mother didn’t understand the subtlety of the game. I leave, I don’t know where, but I promise with all my heart that I will come to see you very often.”

“My child, I no longer have the morale and I can no longer find the strength to fight with your mother because I loved her far too much.”

“You must understand that it has become necessary for us to halt this union in which your mother has no sense of life as such.”

“(Something) I’m incredibly tired I want to… I want to sleep and… (something) my beautiful daughter. You must (something) this life.”

“Your mother has no idea what she really is.”

“You were wonderful, I was so deeply happy. Despite everything, I still love you. Goodbye.”

Naturally, this made her aunt curious about the man who used to live in her apartment. After asking around, the neighbors told her he was a quiet man and worked as a political cartoonist. He mostly kept to himself, they said, then one day, he just disappeared.

(source Reddit)

Now that is what I call a mystery! Even though I’m not sure what went down in that apartment, if I were her aunt, I’d move…

If you want to see some theories on who the man was, just check out this thread.

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