This Field In Virginia Is Full Of Something Insanely Bizarre

A few hours south of the White House, there is a field in Virginia that is gaining some popularity because of its own presidential flair.

In Croaker, Virginia, a man named Howard Hankins has created a farm full of presidential bust monuments. Originally, he was supposed to take these busts off the hands of the folks from Presidential Park and destroy them, but instead, he gave them a new home.

The busts are between 11,000 and 20,000 pounds each.

Hankins spent over $50,000 moving them from Williamsburg to his field in Croaker, Virginia.

Hankins is working on getting the funds necessary to restore these busts and open a museum of his own.

He started a Facebook page in order to publicize his efforts.

It’s a pretty cool project!

(via BuzzFeed)

This would be a truly unique park, and it would be an excellent tourist destination. I hope that Hankins gets the funding he needs to make that happen!


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