April 20: Cannabis Day, the Columbine massacre, and Hitler’s birthday


Today potheads all over the country (except students at the University of Colorado, Boulder) will joyfully light up a joint to celebrate National Weed Day. But this day isn’t just about marijuana. It’s also the 13th anniversary of the Columbine massacre and the birthday of Adolf Hitler. Naturally, Twitter had much to say about all three events:

#Happy420 to all my fellow stoners!!! Stay positive love life and smoke good!!! #SALUTE

– Masspike Miles (@MasspikeMiles) April 20, 2012


Today is Hitler’s Birthday… What do you get the man who has killed everyone?

– Al Del Bene (@AlDelBene) April 20, 2012

It’s Hitler’s birthday. Or, as Mel Gibson calls it, “Christmas”.

– Dan Anstey (@Dan_Anstey) April 20, 2012

The woman in Safeway’s bakery department sounded really weird on the phone after I ordered a “Happy Birthday Hitler” cake.

– Nick Stadler (@Nickadoo) April 20, 2012

Update: Predictably, no one is happier today than rapper Wiz Khalifa.

Related: Some disturbed Twitter users are paying tribute to the Columbine killers.

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