I Had No Idea It Was So Easy To Make My Ugly Furniture Look Amazing. Wow.

Don’t throw out old, lousy-looking furniture you can’t afford to replace. Instead, take a look at these easy and creative ways to give your furniture a makeover. As long as the things in your home aren’t rotten or infested, you should help them get a second wind. It’s amazing how simple and helpful these projects are. Take a look below!   

1.) Convert an old crib into a desk.

2.) Take an antique TV and turn it into a hutch.

3.) Convert your old entertainment center into a play kitchen.

4.) Take an old shopping cart and turn it into a patio chair.

5.) Use an old ladder as a towel rack.

6.) Hang any boring thing with rope to make it an interesting wall piece.

7.) Replace the missing plank from a picnic table with a wine gutter.

8.) Hang folding chairs and use them as collapsible storage space.

9.) Flip a stool over and use it as an organizer.

10.) Add life to the inside of boring lampshades.

11.) Add handles and wheels to a table and make it a moving bar cart.

12.) Turn your an antique bathtub into a couch.

13.) Replace an old TV with a new fish tank.

14.) Put shutters on the sides of a table.

15.) Stack old magazines and use them as a stool or ottoman.

(via listotic)

These cool ways will help liven up your place on any budget. The only way some of these could get any easier is if someone did them for you. I’m certainly excited about taking my old folding chairs and using them as storage in my garage.


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