They Were About To Throw Out This Old Computer, But They Did Something Much Cooler

Tired of having that old computer lying around? Isn’t it about time you get rid of it? Well, maybe not.

This guy had a pretty awesome idea when it came time to do something with his old Mac. Instead of tossing it in the garbage, he made it into a garbage can!

This is how the final product looks.

It comes complete with its own swinging door!

Here’s how it was made. He took the old computer that was no longer usable and removed all of the wiring.

He totally stripped the inside.

For an added twist, he let people sign the can.

After that, he measured the bezel.

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He replaced the screen with a flap.

He used basic hinges to make it swing.

He then used a strong adhesive to add these support blocks.

Once the hinges were done, he glued them to the bezel.

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Then he started building the actual base.

To hold it all together, he used wood glue and clamps.

He wanted to rest the computer monitor on top of the bin securely, so he needed to drill out holes for the feet.

After that, it was able to sit perfectly on top!

Then he removed the bottom of the monitor.

Once the base was finished setting, he sanded the edges.

Then it was time for paint!

He made sure that the paint matched the monitor.

Here’s the end result!

(via Imgur)

There you go! Give this a try when you are thinking about getting rid of your computer. Instead of throwing things out, it’s always fun to repurpose them!


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