He Was Just Cleaning His Room When He Stumbled Upon An Epic Treasure

If you own a house and you take the time to clean it thoroughly, chances are you’ll find some lost items. And everyone knows that looking under furniture is the best way to start exploring for lost treasures.

While he was cleaning his home one day, this guy happened upon a piece of film history.

Under an armoire, he found a couple of framed pictures that were covered in dust.

The first picture was a cell from a movie called Pinnochio: Emperor of the Night. This film was intended to be a sequel to the original movie.

It had a seal of authenticity and everything!

There was even a certificate of authenticity on the back.

Behind the certificate was an original drawing from the film.

The other picture may look more familiar to you, since it was a cell from the old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon.

Once he dusted it off, things became much clearer.

This one also came with some certifications.

(via Reddit)

Maybe we should all go clean our homes right now! Who knows? We might find a few hidden gems that will make us rich. Even if we don’t, at least our houses will be cleaner.


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