One Simple Change To These 55 Historical Photos Changes Everything. Eye-Opening.

Even if you’re a history buff that is well-versed on historical events, these photos might change how you feel about certain moments in history. A Redditor gathered together a group of cleverly edited historic photos; seeing these blew my mind. They’re not digitally altered to the point of ruining the photo, they are simply colorized. Somehow, just adding color to some of these incredibly iconic images makes it seem entirely different. These images seem less impressive or historic when they appear so modern (although you may feel differently when you see them). The women seem more beautiful and the men more important in these photos. If only they had modern recording technology back then…

Source: Reddit/r/colorizedhistory Did history look quite the way we picture it in these colorized photos? It’s hard to be certain, but editing black and white photos really helps us imagine how things were in the past. Share these enlightening photos with others by clicking below.


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