Let’s All Quit Our Jobs And Move To This Private Beach House In South America! Oh Right… Money.


Looking for the perfect distraction free vacation spot? Then this beach house perched over the cliffs in Los Arcos, Chile is right up your alley. The design from WMR Arquitectos is simple yet amazing. It’s a single story wooden house, that blends so seamlessly into nature that you can’t even see it from the road. Which means no cars pulling up to the house asking for directions (if that even happens any more). The special features of this house include roof access, a wrap around porch, and sliding glass doors that give you a constant panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean.

I’d love to wake up here.

Sometimes one floor is all you need.

All ocean views, all the time.

Looks comfy.

That view. Oh man.

The flat timber roof lets in sunlight to the whole house.

Spot the beach house.

(H/T: BeautifulLife) I feel more relaxed just looking at these photos. Make sure to share this story by clicking below.


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