Jon Favreau to direct film version of Broadway musical ‘Jersey Boys’


From “Iron Man” to “Jersey Boys”?

It’s official. Actor and director Jon Favreau took to Twitter to confirm rumors that he’s attached to the upcoming big-screen version of “Jersey Boys.”

Open casting call? Twitter users are so there!

@Jon_Favreau …well I am naturally a one man act for this one… that’s final!

– Edward Whang (@farside314) August 8, 2012

@Jon_Favreau Valli is all me Mr. F

– Dee Takos (@dtakos) August 8, 2012

Do i have i sing? RT @vman12: Go for it @mattiusfoxius@Jon_Favreau: Yes, I’m directing Jersey Boys, and …

– Matthew Marshall Fox (@mattiusfoxius) August 8, 2012

@Jon_Favreau I’m in I can’t sing ; do you need any understudies?

– Patrick Walsh (@Pacowalsh) August 8, 2012

@Jon_Favreau any non-singing roles unfortunately missing the singing part of the triple threat

– Tomy Noonan (@TomyNoonan10) August 8, 2012

Yeah, Frankie Valli was all about the auto-tune. You’re a shoo-in, buddy.

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