These Kids Took A Trip To A Doll Vintage Factory And It Descended Into Madness

Evidence supports that dolls have been around since Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome, making them the oldest toys in the world. Surprisingly, until the 19th century, dolls were mostly portrayed with adult faces.

By 1955, toy companies had dialed up the creepy by dialing back the age and baby dolls became a fully industrialized business. One of the biggest baby doll factories in the world sat in Jamaica on Long Island, New York, and for whatever reason, the company invited two children to take a tour of their shop of horrors.

No one knows who they were or what became of them, but based on the monstrosities they saw that day, I’m guessing they were immediately checked into a psych ward.

Hey kids, do you like baby dolls? How about a room full of just their heads?

Getty Images / Orlando

Getty Images

You can try to hide, but their deathly gazes will always find you…even when you dream!

Getty Images / Orlando

What’s wrong kids? I thought you wanted to know where babies come from?

Getty Images / Orlando

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Getty Images

That’s it, Susie! Let the madness take you!

Getty Images / Orlando

This room…what is even going on here?

Getty Images / Orlando

Look Susie, this is what YOU would look like with your head on a spike!

Getty Images / Orlando

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Getty Images

Well, this is the scariest thing ever.

Getty Images / Orlando

(via Mashable)

I don’t know anything about parenting, but this seems like a pretty great way to turn your children into serial killers.


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